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Xiaohongshu: 3 Guides to Build Your Own Brand

Xiaohongshu: 3 Guides to Build Your Own Brand | BigDomain

Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book, stands out as the centre for brand discovery in China’s competitive e-commerce and social engagement system. Xiaohongshu delivers a trilogy of instructions, each serving as an example for aspiring entrepreneurs and current businesses looking to strengthen their brand presence on this booming platform.  Its robust community mostly consist of pioneers, influencers, and devoted customers.  These are in tune with what Xiaohongshu represents in its platform: 种草 (strew), 长 草 (growth) and 拔草 (collect).

SEO Optimization for Xiaohongshu

The search algorithm on Xiaohongshu operates differently compared to standard search engines. Entrepreneurs aiming to establish their brand must meticulously research trendy keywords and phrases that resonate with the platform’s community. This involves analyzing trending topics, popular search terms, and prevalent hashtags within Xiaohongshu. Optimizing content with these keywords is pivotal to boosting visibility and discoverability on the platform.

To illustrate, aspiring fitness coaches looking to build their brand can focus on themes like dieting, healthy eating, and an overall healthy lifestyle is key. It’s crucial to understand the mindset of Xiaohongshu users seeking lifestyle changes. For instance, those seeking a healthier diet often start by searching for weight loss recipes or tips on the platform. Leveraging hashtags, captions, and keywords is a common strategy on social media platforms like Xiaohongshu to ensure content appears in users’ search results. This approach aligns content with user intent and enhances brand visibility in the platform’s community.

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Yao Er, a creator focusing on weight-reducing meals, exemplifies how a brand can thrive by using hashtags, keywords, and captions. She strategically uses hashtags like ‘#WeightLossDaily #HealthyDietWeightLoss #WeightLoss #WeightLossMeal’ in her recipe videos. Her keywords, such as ‘lettuce,’ ‘kale,’ ‘carrot,’ and ‘sweet potato,’ centre on key elements of diet meals. In her captions, she optimizes a negative tone, urging people to start their weight loss journey with a compelling and engaging approach, piquing curiosity about her content.

Hence, carefully utilizing the existing SEO tools available in the platform can bring you many benefits and easily help you build your brand on Xiaohongshu.  

 Xiaohongshu’s Trend Analysis

Understanding the evolving trends, diverse interests and changing preferences of users within the platform’s lively environment is key. Entrepreneurs also need to analyze what types of content Xiaohongshu’s users prefer, from captivating photos to informative articles and engaging videos.  Knowing these preferences will deeply resonate with them, which enables your brands to grab their attention and boost engagement.

The Xiaohongshu’s app itself contains a search ranking that displays their Top 20’s current hot topics:

Xiaohongshu: 3 Guides to Build Your Own Brand 2

Among the top 5 trends, let’s consider number 5: the cost of sending winter quilts via courier, priced at 800 Chinese Yuan (=RM 525.00). If you’re in the courier service or are involved in the textile, or fabric industry, this trend presents an opportunity. You can always establish your presence by providing a more affordable courier service or offering alternative quilts made with different materials at a lower price than what Xiaohongshu’s users are seeking.

Additionally, this ongoing trend is a great chance you shouldn’t miss. Even if you’re not in those industries, staying updated on Xiaohongshu’s hot trends is crucial. There’s always an opportunity to build your brand.

 Authenticity and Visual Storytelling on Xiaohongshu

The skill of storytelling is essential to brand success on Xiaohongshu. It digs into the complexities of producing brand stories that are deeply meaningful to the platform’s dedicated consumers. Marketers and business owners are provided with the tools they need to create storylines that captivate and emotionally connect them to the Xiaohongshu users.

Genuine and relatable stories feed the Xiaohongshu users. Whether it’s unveiling a fashion brand’s origin story or explaining the journey behind a beauty product, the essence is honesty.  

Xiaohongshu: 3 Guides to Build Your Own Brand 3

One of the brands that is rapidly gaining popularity on the platform is Perfect Diary.  This brand excels as a perfect example of optimizing the authentication and leveraging the visual storytelling of its products in Xiaohongshu.  They often incorporate visually appealing images for their products to represent their brand.  Perfect Diary’s focus on creating a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing visual has greatly complemented their narrative in selling cosmetic products thus reflecting their brand’s objective in Xiaohongshu.  

Moreover, authenticity is also highly valued when it comes to this platform and Perfect Diary does exactly that.  As a brand, you can set them as an example for telling genuine stories that align with their values where they share the behind-the-scenes picture of their manufacturing process.  In return, it will help your brand to build trust and credibility.

While it might be quite a process, however, these strategies help brands especially yours, to carve a niche and establish a strong emotional connection with Xiaohongshu’s vibrant user community.

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